Recycling as a research field for virtuous practice

Adolfo F. L. Baratta

Upcycling of heritage materials in circular design

Graziella Bernardo

The quality of architecture with recycle technology

Agostino Catalano

Material information: tools for the urban mining implementation in the building sector

Massimiliano Condotta, Elisa Zatta

From waste to resource: Italian contribution to the LIFE programme

Gigliola D’Angelo, Monica Cannaviello

Use and reuse of vinyl plastics in construction

Camilla Sansone

The environmental impact evaluation of building elements in architecture: the design for disassembly

Laura Calcagnini

A glimpse into the past to develop a better future Upcycle approach for the Isle of Glass

Paola Careno, Stefano Centenaro, Filippo De Benedetti

DRINC Beer: Designing Recycle IN Concrete with Beer

Denis Faruku, Roberto Giordano, Stefania Riccio

Old generation mineral wools: the riskiness of discarded waste

Ornella Fiandaca, Alessandra Cernaro

Old generation mineral wools: the circularity of discarded waste

Alessandra Cernaro, Ornella Fiandaca

Design of products and spaces from recycling and reuse of waste

Fabio Enrique Forero Suarez

E-waste recycling for monitoring the microclimate in sub-Saharan Africa

Antonio Magarò

Material logistic systems for waste management in hospital

Massimo Mariani

Effect of moisture content and mixing procedure on the Properties of Recycled Aggregate Concrete with Silica fume

Beatriz E. Mira Rada, Andres Salas Montoya

Grape, hazelnut and wheat: new ingredients for architecture and design?

Elena Montacchini, Silvia Tedesco, Jacopo Andreotti

Towards the circular building as design practice. A Design for Disassembly case study

Elisabetta Palumbo, Massimo Rossetti, Francesco Incelli, Francesca Camerin, Chiara Panozzo

Reuse of salt waste in 3D printing: Case study

Vesna Pungercar, Martino Hutz, Florian Musso

The recovery of materials through selective demolition: a cost-benefit analysis

Giulia Sarra, Paola Altamura, Francesca Ceruti, Vito Introna, Marco La Monica

Recycling as an innovative driver in the glass production sector

Luca Trulli

From waste to value. When hidden vocations emerge from the shape of the stone residues

Laura Badalucco, Luca Casarotto

Recycling as a practice for social sustainability. Gjenge Makers’ recycled plastic bricks in Kenya

Laura Calcagnini, Luca Trulli

Waste and hospitality in common urban spaces: a didactic experience in the CIRCO laboratory

Francesco Careri, Fabrizio Finucci, Enrica Giaccaglia, Marco Mauti

Promoting the culture of recycling: the Reuse Centres

Francesca Castagneto

Criteria for disassembly and recycling of building components in restoration and new modular Architectural design. Building quality for sustainable construction

Agostino Catalano, Camilla Sansone

Carboard Distances: An experiment on an Upcycling Living Lab for envelopes

Stefano Converso

Failures and successes of a circular economy start-up: Sfridoo case study

Mario Lazzaroni, Marco Battaglia, Andrea Cavagna

The remanufacturing of reclaimed wood : the Dutch experience of Superuse Studios

Rosa Romano