Wastes don’t exist

Adolfo F. L. Baratta and Agostino Catalano

From selective demolition to reuse of recycled materials: improving the C&D waste management

Ernesto Antonini

Planning without waste. Primum non nocere

Adolfo F. L. Baratta

Reuse of local materials in building enclosure technology. Energy and environmental performance of a case study

Laura Calcagnini

Reusing not refusing: reuse as an energy-matter saving tool

Ignazio Caruso

The possible use of concrete with recycled aggregates for lasting construction systems and sustainable architecture

Agostino Catalano

Recycled plastic aggregates for concrete: from testing to production

Ornella Fiandaca and Raffaella Lione

Methodology for the development of products with rubble recycle for the public space of the 45 street, Bogotá D.C.

Fabio E. Forero Suárez, Leonardo Gutiérrez and Javier Rojas

Re-thinked materials: research perspectives on the use of bio-composites in construction sector

Francesca Giglio and Giulia Savoja

Can the waste materials still be useful? In the restoration, certainly

Luigi Marino

Upcycling in architecture. A danish example

Angela Masciullo

Waste glass from scrap to building material

Luigi Mollo and Rosa Agliata

Major regulatory requirements for a proper c&d inert waste management and benefits from recovery

Francesco Montefinese

Technical aspects concerning the use of recycled aggregates in structural concrete

Giacomo Moriconi

Zero waste. How design is changing? Which products would be used in construction industry? Is there any recycling aesthetic?

Alberto Raimondi and Simona Tannino

Riciclab: teaching of re-use

Rossana Raiteri, Fausto Novi and Andrea Giachetta

Design and build extraordinary buildings using unconventional materials: experiences and examples between research, teaching and profession

Alessandro Rogora

Technological procedures for the reintegration of demolition materials in the building production cycle

Camilla Sansone