(First of all) Reduce and (always) Recycle

Adolfo F. L. Baratta

Building recycling, downcycling and upcycling

Ernesto Antonini, Antonello Monsù Scolaro

Waste as Matter to Configure the Architecture of the Future

Agostino Catalano, Camilla Sansone

Circular economy and environmental sustainability in the built environment: the crucial role of End-of-life and decision-making tools

Serena Giorgi, Monica Lavagna, Andrea Campioli

Technology versus the 5R

Raffaella Lione, Pietro Totaro

From 6R to one S and one L: a change of perspective from objects to human behaviors

Alessandro Rogora, Paolo Carli

Fresh and hardened properties of cement mortars with waste glass fine aggregate

Rosa Agliata, Luigi Mollo

“Farming” the chain of recycling of agricultural by-products in lightweight concrete production

Jacopo Andreotti, Denis Faruku, Roberto Giordano

Recycle and repair in windows market

Emilio Antoniol

Mapping the sources of secondary building materials: first experiences in Rome

Serena Baiani, Paola Altamura

Recycling options for contemporary residential buildings: the Ca’ delle Alzaie case study

Giacomo Bellinato, Massimiliano Condotta, Elisa Zatta

Tall building demolition: today and future expectations

Martina Belmonte

Recycled Materials. The Minimum Environmental Criteria in Public Procurement

Laura Calcagnini

BioPile. Architects of growth

Simone Cardillo

Building waste and circular economy: from downcycling to upcycling with industry 4.0

Fabrizio Cumo, Adriana Sferra, Elisa Pennacchia, Federico Cinquepalmi

From the territory to the building: strategies for environmental balance

Stefania De Gregorio

The disused windows: from special waste to unusual recycle

Ornella Fiandaca

Bioplastics from wine by-product: environmental and economic sustainability

Antonio Magarò

Recycling columns for fortifications during the Crusades

Luigi Marino

Secondary raw material as resource in production process: waste recovery of Leccese stone

Angela Masciullo

Potentialities and limits on the recycling of functional building elements

Fabio Minutoli

From textile wastes to ecological building products: new scenarios for a circular economy

Elena Montacchini, Silvia Tedesco, Laura Giusto, Simone Fiorina

Performance of plasters made with recycled aggregates from bricks waste: a case study

Héctor Saúl Quintana Ramírez, Elmer Román Díaz Ruiz, Diana Marcela Camargo Masmela, Martha Lucia Rincón Bonilla

Asphalt gardens. Practices and poetics of rejected landscapes

Eleonora Ambrosio, Annalisa Metta

Ravensburg Art Museum: the reuse of ancient bricks

Laura Calcagnini, Antonio Magarò

Containers for university students

Maria Grazia Giardinelli, Andrea Sichi

Urban upcycling: the “Magnus 31” experience

Massimo Mariani

The reuse as a tool for defi ning architectural quality. The Collage House in Mumbai

Claudio Piferi

Kamikats House. Architecture in the First Japanese Zero Waste Community

Valentina Santi

Building Prosthesis. Temporary extension of public spaces with the use of pallets

Gergely Sztranyák